Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To Stop Cancer Cells With Electrotherapy

Cancer cells is dangerous, may you need this articles with titled "How Stop Cancer Cells With Electrotherapy". Sho, what do you think it is work?

What Probably Really Happened

What isn't mentioned is the truth that the needle inserted into the tumor had a silver outer coating. Silver is a negative ion that means a powerful destructive cost can repel the silver ions into surrounding tissues. Silver has a historic basis as an antibiotic used prior to penicillin and sulfa medication for killing native and systemic infections brought on by bacteria.

How Silver Was/Is Used

If a patient had a systemic an infection and, was on demise's bed, it was widespread to have the affected person drink silver realizing it may kill the pathogens current within the body. It was additionally recognized there was a 50/50 chance the an infection could not kill the patient but the silver would. With little hope of life the administration of silver was undertaken to stop the an infection and save the patient. Silver was used simply because it was recognized to kill bacteria. Today we use it as a topical for pores and skin conditions with a bacterial causation. The silver ions still kill all types of micro organism and different illness causing pathogens.

What The Silver Did To The Cancer Tumors

What was decided later as this "examine" received publicity was it was in all probability not the detrimental charge of the electricity that killed the tumor, however the driving of silver ions into the tumor by the adverse polarity that destroyed the tumor and the cancer cells. The damaging continuous direct current was not destroying the cancer cells but the silver ions pushed off the needle and deposited in the tumor was the causative agent of death.

Can Electrical Charges Kill Cancer Cells?

The reply is a resounding yes nevertheless that is not the issue. The difficulty is can electrical energy kill dangerous most cancers cells without killing helpful cells. One concern of the examine was it was easy to see how the tumors being stimulated had been dying however did the detrimental fees additionally kill helpful cells. It has been well-known that electrical charges can take regular cells and accelerate the expansion/restore charge of these cells.

That is very important if there is a non-union bone fracture and with out mending then amputation is the one option. Electrical energy can stimulate the bone tissue to unionize and the process known as purposeful restoration.

With cancer the tumors being destroyed were large however there have been many other tumor cells and the concern was would the estim encourage quicker progress/replication of the surrounding lethal cells. That reply to today is still not recognized to my data but it did raise the question of killing one group of localized most cancers cells whereas accelerating the growth of different cancer cells. Keep in mind though the helpful outcomes are related to "wholesome cells" while most cancers cells usually are not often known as wholesome cells so the results are usually not essentially the same. To treat cancer cells and the normal replica of wholesome cells within the body isn't a fair assumption. Not an apple to apple comparison.

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