Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are You Thinking Meditation Music Is Good?

There are the schools of meditation that say you shouldn't meditate to music, that you should solely meditate in silence. So, "are you thinking meditation music is good when meditate?"
But what if there was music that actually deepened your meditation? That just by listening to the music, you had been in a position to experience far deeper states of meditation than you'll without listening to the music.

So first we have to think about what makes good meditation music.
Any meditation music where there is a drum beat should be thrown out. As a result of any drum beats or rhythms will maintain your heart fee high and this keeps you from transferring into the very deep states of relaxation the place true meditation takes place.

One other factor to think about is what you might be actually listening to. If you're listening to music that is purely synthesized, which means the actual sounds you hear are made out of electronically produced sound waves, then such music may give you a headache and never be conducive to meditation.
Another thing to contemplate is the meditation state of the musician making the music. If the musician has attained a excessive state of meditation, then their meditative state will probably be recorded within the music that you hear.

There are lots of "mind entrainment" audio programs on the market. These are CDs with what are referred to as "binaural beats." Binaural beats are two separate electronically produced sine waves, one played in the left channel and one played in the right channel. These two sine wave drones are slightly totally different in frequency.
The idea behind binaural beats is that they manipulate your brainwaves into slowing down, thus making a "meditative state."

Although such applications could do something, my expertise is that they're a hindrance to experiencing true states of meditation, not helpful. Plus they're as electronic as you may get.
You would be much better off listening to a chant or a chat either on DVD or Audio CD of an enlightened teacher. By listening to their voice, their very own state of enlightenment gets transmitted to you through sound. Though it is probably not very musical in nature, meditating to this is able to deepen your meditation considerably.

However there's meditation music in the marketplace that does induce states of meditation naturally, without electronic sounds and without manipulating your brainwaves. By way of particular recording tools, high states of meditation have been recorded and was sound. And so whenever you listen to the music, that same deep blissful state of meditation gets naturally woke up in you. Finally, I think meditation music is good for meditate.

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