Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 Tips Healthy

Long time no positng on this blog that I loved this bit chaotic. During this month I was busy with school activities are increasingly busy. Today I tried to take the time to write a simple health tips. Here it is:
1. Change the style of eating.
Many people who go on a diet to get the body they want. However, many of them are just wrong in the diet. Many of them are just back after a successful fat diet, since eating more food after the diet. Sometimes a diet is a wrong decision. Therefore, it is better if we change our eating patterns. Change habits fatty foods with fruits and vegetables. Also fresh water is also very important.

2. Change your lifestyle.
In addition to changing the style of eating, we also need to change your lifestyle to be more healthy. Simple tips the easiest is to familiarize breathe deeply. This is effectively done in the morning, but it can also be done every time there is a chance. Also familiarize yourself with a fun physical activity according to your preferences respectively. Most importantly try these activities become routine. The simplest tips are to sleep and wake up on time. Conditioned sleeping about 10 hours of the night and wake up at 4 am, but tailored to the needs. What is important is the time sleep becomes routine. The next step is to ensure that a good night's sleep
3. Don’t give up!
Last tips is when it planned the steps to get a healthy life (from any source), do not despair! Changing eating and life style is a process that is not easy and not too briefly. Find health tips with you in order to run happily. Make sure you live it with a pleasant atmosphere.
Until this little note from me, hopefully useful.
Don’t forget to live a healthy life is worthless ...!!

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  • Frank Mills said...

    Developing healthy eating habits and knowing what to eat is the best policy to keep healthy many people develop healthy eating habits but cant sustain them over a period of time.

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