Sunday, November 8, 2009

Save Your Health ( Careful, Season Disease )

As the season changes from hot to cold or cold to hot, we look around us started a lot of people who are sick. Whether or not anything to do with the change of season. Therefore, we must maintain our health at a time like this. Many people affected by the disease in rotation, especially in a family. Nearly one family of minimal flu disease in rotation.
In health care we must consider three aspects, including the physical aspects, environmental and spiritual. As for tips for maintaining health of these three aspects are:

1. Physical Aspects

a. Always wash your hands finished eating, defecating and urinating. Wash with soap and clean water, try water that flows like water from the tap. Consider also your nails, do not let the nails exposed to dust and bacteria.
b. Frequent drinking water. Almost every suggestion I have to frequently drink water, because water is very important. Read the water utility here.
c. For a housewife, always make sure everything you use to cook clean from any risk of disease.
d. Note the cleanliness of plates and glasses before use
e. For the time between work and rest, do not often stay up because is bad for health.
f. Get used to eating highly nutritious foods
g. Take the medicine cabinet just in case if exposed to the disease, so the disease can be treated early.
h. Do not ever try to smoke and stay away from smokers.
i. Avoid dusty air, wear a mask while driving, do not try to pass the drizzle that did not have to, because as much dust drizzle.
j. If possible, do General Check-Up to doctor regularly

2. Environmental Aspects

a. Try at your home clean of dust, to clean it periodically
b. Dispose of waste in place, do not let no puddles that cause mosquito nest. The presence of green plants are also important.
c. Make your bed very comfortable.
d. Avoid asbestos because can disease mesothelioma.

3. Spiritual Aspects

a. Do not be too concerned about the problems of life, leave everything to God. Worship regularly.
b. Thankful for what you get from God, avoid your dissatisfaction.
c. Keep your relationships with everyone, from family and close people.
d. If there is a family illness more attention and provide motivation to recover.
That's some tips for maintaining our health, may be useful for you all. Take care of your health.

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