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Ten Healthy Tips

Ten healthy tips have collected as my record, and may also be useful to readers. With articles about health in piluimi's ever blog, I was able to open it at any time for my needs, because humans have a limit so that this very important need in the store. In addition, I also can share with readers. Let's learn to live healthy.

1. Keep your eye health with Papaya Seed

How to maintain eye health? According to dr. Rini Mahendra SpM easy way, one of them is to eat papaya seeds. Why papaya seeds? It is said that papaya seeds contain compounds of lycopene are important for eye health. If you can not stand going to taste bitter, then you can eat them with honey added, or as a mixture of tea. In addition it can also be dried beans or roasted and then eaten as a snack. Eat regularly, about three times a day as many as ten points.

2. Tomato seeds Prevent Heart Disease

You like to drink tomato juice, but often throw the seeds? Perhaps after reading this article that habit must be changed. Based on research done Rowett Research Institute in Scotland, found that the liquid or slippery yellow jelly surrounding tomato seeds contain a compound or mixture of substances that works to combat strokes and heart disease. If you drink tomato juice without throwing the seeds, then you have to reduce the risk of blood clots around 72 percent, so you can be protected from heart disease.

3. Do Old dye Tea

The recognized merit for body health. Tea consumption also has a broad audience as a daily beverage. Tea is packed in a tea bag tea powder too. But there is a need to be considered in a tea bag, which is used. The tea bag should not be immersed for too long. This applies to all the tea, green tea-colored as well.
This is caused by the chlorine content of the substance in tea bag paper bag. These substances function to the disinfectant of paper so the paper will be free from bacterial decay and durable. Paper with chlorine cleaner look. However, large amounts of disinfectants do not differ much with insecticide.
So it is recommended not to dip the tea bag in a long time. If the dip tea bags more than 3-5 minutes, the chlorine will also dissolve in tea. In order to avoid the possibility of disease, should not dip tea bags more than 3 minutes.

4. Gargle-gargle When Asthma

Asthma is one of the most chronic disease patients in the world. According to dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, SpP (K), MARS, DTM & H, is estimated in the year 2005 there was an additional approximately 100 million patients with asthma in the world.
Asthma medication is there a salve (reliever), there is also a controller (controller). Asthma medications are most safe and effective is given in the form of sprayed or inhaled (inhalers) for going straight into the respiratory tract, the effect is rapid, minimal side effects, and a small dose.

5. Cut wounds

Little suffered knife wounds to the skin play a cut?
Here are the steps that can be done:
• If a small wound, pressed enough just a few seconds with a sterile cotton or gauze to dry and stop the bleeding.
• Do not dab the wound with cotton because it can damage the wound until the bleeding edge of new increases. Give antiseptic solution to prevent infection.
• If the blood had dried / stop new closed with tape

6. Fever First Aid

What is necessary is to reduce the patient's body temperature, can compress using cold water, giving febrifuge, also accompanied the body heat fan to evaporate quickly. Compress cold water on the left chest or the crown of the head of a useful lower the heat more quickly. More secure to use febrifuge species of paracetamol, a lot of free sale, especially for children under 5 years of age.

7. Treatment For Dark Circles Around Eyes

Grated potato can reduce the black color in the circle eye. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which is often used as an ingredient in cosmetics with skin brightening purposes. Blend a potato and wrap potatoes blended with a clean cloth. Attach directly to the area under the eyes, and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Do not let the potatoes go into the eye. Clean.

8. Reduce Wrinkles in Face

To reduce wrinkles on the face, may be used easier and cheaper way is to use green grapes. This kind of wine is often used as one ingredient in cosmetics anti-wrinkle cream.
But you can make your own anti-wrinkle ingredients, how to cut grapes in half and rub the face and neck. Make sure you brush in the area around the mouth. Let stand for 20 minutes and wash with water lukewarm.
Do it every day, and you will see changes in your face. Do not forget to drink water at least eight glasses a day. And eating foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, celery and spinach. Try to sleep eight hours a day.

9. Apple mask for Oily Skin

This mask is suitable for oily skin, and it was very easy to use.
• One medium-size apple, grated
• Five tablespoons honey
Mix the grated apple and honey well. Apply to entire face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

10. Sauna Skin Face

A good skin care with a sauna one face. All you need is a bowl filled with hot water added with some essential oils to suit your skin type:

Normal: Mandarin and Lavender
Oily: Lemon and White Wood Oil
Dry: roses and camomile

Wrap a towel over his head, and steam your face with a distance of 30 cm from the bowl for about two minutes. This step will open the pores so the skin is ready for masker. You should not do the sauna face if the skin is sensitive, are pregnant or suffer from asthma.
For essential oils, you can buy it at special outlets cosmetics.

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