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Cultivating Traditional Medicine

The meaning of Traditional Medicine is use part of the land for planting herbs for everyday purposes. Lots of plants that can be used as medicines. Use of medicinal plants are safer because they are natural and contain no more risk of side effects. Just imagine if you have a variety of medicinal plants, it would be very practical if your family is ill can get it at any time, without the cost and guaranteed freshness.
Also medicinal plants as well as beautiful with garden plants, so for those of you who love gardening you can grow it among the ornamental plants or flowers there. You can adjust the setting as neat as possible in order to look beautiful. Medicinal plants are also resistant in the face of various plant diseases because it has a natural content of the substance to handle, so no need to use pesticides.

Once you have a pharmacy live, you also need to know the different types of herbs and their uses for treatment. Because if you do not know the medicinal plants was about, then a very useful purpose will not mean anything. I'll give a little information about medicinal plants.

Medicinal Plants
In the early days, treatment at home with herbal plants found by trying and learning from mistakes (trial and error). Currently, extracts of several medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of the modern and is useful to cure various serious diseases.
You can also directly benefit from this plants grown in the garden or park in your house. The following this that can fill your life pharmacies:

• Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has long been recognized as hair fertilizer plant. Another benefit is that it can relieve cough. It is also effective to remove pimples.

• Betel
Known for having a good antiseptic content. You can also use it to relieve cough.

• Galangal
Besides the herbs, galangal can heal phlegm on the skin.

• Curcuma
Helpful overcome jaundice.

• cumin
If anyone in the family hot, use cumin leaves to reduce the heat. Useful also to launch milk for mothers who are breastfeeding.

• Ginger
Can be used to cure coughs and rheumatism because it produces a sense of warmth.

• Red Onion
Famous herbs are also useful for treating colds.

• Crown gods ( Indonesia people call it Mahkota Dewa )

Plants that have been known as a medicinal plant. Can cure high blood diseases.

• Mustaches cat ( Indonesia people call it Kumis Kucing )
Can be used to alleviate back pain.

• Indonesia people call it Sambiloto
The bitter taste is believed to cure various diseases. You can use the leaves to cure diseases and typhoid fever.

• Pace
Fruit is beneficial for the body a lot. By eating the fruit can relieve osteoporosis.

• Lime
Fruit acids can be used to relieve cough.

• Begonia
An ornamental plant, but also has benefits to overcome menstrual pain.

• Indonesia people call it Puring
Also a common ornamental plant grown in the garden because the leaves are colorful. Can be utilized yellow leaves green to warm the stomach.

• Motel
Beautiful flower whose fragrance is often used as a perfume raw material, including medicinal plants found. Efficacy of the leaves can cure shortness of breath and headaches. The flowers can be used to treat eye inflammation.

• Laurel
Laurel cooking water can overcome ulcer disease and is also capable of lowering blood sugar levels quickly so good for diabetics.

• Guava
Guava also has benefits. The leaves can be used to treat disease or relieve diarrhea. Function leaves able to make hard feces that reduce bowel movements. Fruit juice is also good for health because they contain lots of vitamin C and good for patients such as dengue fever.

If you already know the different types of medicinal plants and its benefits, I hope you take advantage of vacant in your place to cultivate it. In addition the park also provides a psychological effect for people being sick or many thoughts better faster and quiet.
Advice for those of you who do not have enough land to preserve it, you can use as a medium pot planting. With a living pharmacy, home look beautiful, healthy and can save expenses to buy drugs or herbs. Medicinal plants will create healthy for you and your family.

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