Friday, September 25, 2009

More Beautiful with a Healthy Lips

Lips is one of the main components being beautiful, because the lips are part of a very beautiful body. Lips helps us to eat, talk, smile, look angry (along with facial expressions). Lip has its own attraction to the opposite sex, so that everyone, especially woman's cares with healthy lips. However, sometimes being beautiful lips are not that many lip health. In fact, healthy lips will look brighter, more glowing, more beautiful, although not use lipstick or the other. In health care these lips, avoid some of the things below:
1. Sunshine
Sunlight can make lips dry, cracked and blackish color, therefore protecting your lips from excessive sunlight. For more on the safe side, always use a lip balm that contains sunscreen, either in hot or cold places like the mountains.

2. Wet lips
The weather is hot or cold often make our lips dry and cracked. To make it wet again, we will usually wet with his tongue. Actually this is not good for the lips, because the saliva will evaporate wet her lips and produced a natural moisturizer will also evaporate lips too, so lips even more dry and cracked, and eventually we'll wet her lips again and again. Over time the lips will therefore blackish color. In this case you should use a lip balm that contains lip balm that is always damp, such as lip balm that contains sunscreen as above.
3. Biting lips
Many people who have a habit of biting her lip, but this is not good for the health of our lips. In addition to the lips become dry and cracked, the skin layer can be peeled lips. Should as much as possible for those of you who have a habit of this kind for the leave, and if you are hard to leave you better use a lip balm as often as possible.

I am not aware of the kinds of lip balm is good and safe, because I like man in general, including those who are lazy to care about the healthy lips. Only since I writed this article, I began caring to my lips on a regular basis, and even then I never use a moisturizer like most women, I only use methods and tips below:
1. Slathering Honey
Honey is the main ingredients in lip balm. Apply honey on the lips before bed, can be every day or 3 times a week. Often smeared with honey, we'll be rich lip balm that is not easy to dry and cracked by weather, as long as you avoid second and third points above.
2. Expand Mineral Drinking Water
One time when was very hot weather, we often dehydrated. In this case, the first stimulus was on the lips. Our lips were very dry, in this case we can reproduce it with mineral water to drink, try some 2 liter / day.
3. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
Consumption of fruits and vegetables increased levels of vitamins in the body, nourish the skin, including skin of the lips, so get used to eating fruits and vegetables.
4. Stop Drinking Alcohol
Drinking alcohol makes the body feel hot, this will lead to dehydration. As a result the lips become dry because of dehydration.
5. Stop Smoking
Cigarettes contain chemicals that can cause blackish color on the lips. Cigarette addicts certainly will not have a healthy lips. Therefore, if you want to keep your lips health, this is one good reason to leave smoking.
This is what can I write about tips on maintaining healthy lips, may be useful.

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