Thursday, September 24, 2009

Healthy Eyes Tips for Netter

Healthy eyes, A netter always be in front of the computer every day, whether for work or just play. Without realizing it was actually in front of computers every day will give bad effects in the future, most people who have a hobby with a computer has to wear glasses before they are old. I also realized about it, but I can not get away from the computer and internet networks. Usually when you are in front of the computer's eyes rarely blinking, so often the eyes become irritated, was spicy, watery and sometimes blurred vision. The symptoms that I experienced frequently every day. I will share with you about what I do if I experience it, and it was my own proved. The result, a lot can reduce these symptoms.

First I use eye drops that I got from a doctor, preferably before you use eye drops, follow the instructions on the medicine or consult your doctor. Then, avoid direct air toward eyes, such as angina or AC fan, you should take a position back. Then avoid places that have low humidity or a lot of smoke, as this will greatly disturb the eye.
If you have experienced symptoms of the above, try to blink as often as the normal eye. If you still feel the symptoms, close your eyes and turn-Play's eyes when closed several times. Then close your eyes tight and hold in the palm of the hand about 10 seconds.

If your eyes are too tired for too long in front of the computer, you should rest. Get used to steaming eyes 3 to 4 times a week with his own concoction. Use large vessels, for example basin. Then enter a few pieces of betel leaf, flush with hot water. Leave for a moment until the water is warm. After that, insert your face into the basin about 10 seconds, do it over and over again. If you think it's enough, now it's time for your short break. It has been proved that betel moisture can heal the pain and itching eyes. So, good luck.

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