Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Benefits of Tea for Our Healthy

Tea that usually drinks is rich in benefits such as antioxidants, repair body cells are damaged, can prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, and blood circulation. Maybe we did not realize it, but it is not directly by drinking a cup of tea we've been doing therapy for our health. Substances contained in tea is very beneficial for the health of our bodies. However, do you know about these substances and what purpose?? I knew about this does not mean if I am a health professional or doctor, but I'm not a doctor. I am just a student who wants to share what I know to anyone. The thing that I have got from reading that:

Is the most dominant compounds, shape and form of flavanol and catechins. These compounds act as antioxidants to capture free radicals in the body. Free radicals is due to the polluted air environment pollution and also from the food we eat. otherwise prevent the development of cancer cells in the body.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene in tea, is an important vitamin for the body.
Vitamin C
This vitamin functions as immunity or resistance to the human body. In addition vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant that is necessary for the human body's resistance to disease.
Vitamin E
In a cup of tea contains vitamin E as much about who is 100-200 IU a day for the needs of the human body. This number serves maintain heart health and make your skin smooth
Also various types of tea, but I not talk about it in here. If you feel it is important, you can find with search on google. Of the types of tea, green tea has the best content. In the process of making it, green tea is not dried by the sun, but by drying in particular when compared with other types of tea with a fermentation drying way.

Content of substances in tea are not good for the body
Although tea is very useful, but there are also ingredients that are less good tea for the body, which is often called caffeine or tehine. Caffeine in tea can cause food absorption process becomes blocked, therefore we are in a safe limit consumption of tea is about 5 cups of tea-sized 200 ml or equivalent to 750 mg tehine / day.
In the tea should we follow the points that I will give below:
=> should not drink tea after eat, because the stimulant substances contained in tea can steal a variety of substances contained in food.
=> as a cup of tea in an empty stomach can be dangerous to health, because it can increase stomach acid
=> mixed drink tea with sugar will cause the substances contained in tea reduced, so use a minimum of sugar that substances in tea are not reduced.
=> do not drink tea stale or have been left all night, because the substances in tea are oxidized so that this would harm our bodies.
=> should not drink tea for pregnant and breast-feeding, because the caffeine contained in tea production would interfere with milk-producing glands.

In addition to the important things above, not less important is the attention to brew a tea, because if we are wrong in brewed tea, a substance contained in them can be greatly reduced. Use boiling water with a temperature of approximately 80 degrees celcius, not to exceed because of substances in tea can be oxidized.

Mixing tea with milk is often referred by milk tea may reduce the stimulant effects of tea, because milk contains calcium that can bind stimulant substances in tea. Then mix the tea with lemon, or lemon tea is often referred to as useful. Lemon can provide protection against digestion, because the citric acid in lemons can prevent the crust in the intestinal wall.
it is the role of tea in our health, may be useful for reader and we wait you for comments.

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